Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Be the first to check 11.50.xC4

After a long time without posting (usual lack of time) I decided to take five minutes to make an echo of some nice news. I already heard about plans for IDS 11.50.xC4 around April this year, but nonetheless I was surprised by today's IIUG's announcement.

Accordingly to this news, any customer wanting to get in touch with the next release of IDS will be able to do so, after agreeing to the usual conditions.

In the announcement we can see the major features for this new version:

  • Compression
  • Easy administration, setup & monitoring of Enterprise Replication with the Informix OpenAdmin Tool
  • Improved embedability
  • Support for the Amazon EC2 computing environment
  • Support for VMWare Virtualization Infrastructure and Desktop solutions
So... Compression seems obvious, Amazon EC2 seems intriguing. VMWare seems logical.
Stay alert and consult the IIUG (International Informix Users Group) site for more information.
Once again IIUG shows great collaboration spirit with IBM on promoting IDS.

You should also take a look at the next Chat with the Labs (January 29). Jerry Keesee, Director of the Informix Lab, will talk about recent Informix activities and also about the roadmap for 2009.
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