Friday, November 03, 2006

Mark.... mark.... what "mark" thing? OH!!! You mean Marketing!

Well, friday night, and a lot of rain out there... I was looking for the last webcast replay (got the presentation but couldn't get the sound yet). It's still not available but something on the page side caught my attention: A link to some customer and partner success stories... Got curious and cliked. You can to the same, either directly or by checking the IBM Informix webcasts page.

I looked at the video, which is presented by Bernie Spang, the Director of Data Server Marketing, and contains some interviews with clients and partners about their experiences with IBM Informix. Not surprinsingly, they all talk about the features we all know and love about Informix (efficiency, simplicity, reliability, scalability etc.). So what is the real interest of this? What made me write this lines? Er... Step a few lines back... the begining of this paragraph... "Director, Data Server Marketing"... customer and partner interviews... On the IBM site...
Well, I still consider myself a young guy... But when was the last time we've seen something like this? Marketing and Informix together?

Oh... regarding the stability statements... I'm feeling bad for forgeting to congratulate the sysadmin team... I was doing some onstats recently and I noticed they have manage to run their servers for more than an year without stop! Onstat revealed an IBM Informix Dynamic Server uptime greater then 365 days!!! Just to show you all that I really understand those customers when they mention stability and reliability :)