Saturday, September 26, 2009

IIUG 2009 vNext survey: Speak for yourself

Although the IIUG site is quiet about this, an email note was sent to IIUG members advertising this year's vNext survey.

The survey tries to poll user's opinions about new features that we would like to see in future Informix versions. The results will be (and I quote) "passed on to the powers that be". Meaning the R&D team will take them into consideration while planning for future versions.

Some of the features proposed are very interesting, but if you have some ideas not mentioned in the survey you can add your own.

I won't waste time listing the proposed features here. Just take a look at:

and take the opportunity to fill it. It's fairly quick, and your comments are important.
IBM have been improving Informix, and this is a continuous process where user input is precious.