Friday, July 06, 2007

Cheetah in the spotlight!

As announced, today July 6, IBM Informix Dynamic Server 11.10xC1 can be downloaded from the Passport Advantage site.

So, any customer with a support contract can download and start using it.
This is probably the most significant release in several years, and represents a lot of work from a lot of people. Hopefully, this release will keep in line with IDS 10 stability, performance and reliability. I also hope that the rhythm of improvements will continue and contribute to strength Informix market position.

Media and documentation are planned for July 30, accordingly to the US product announcement.

Don't hesitate to contact IBM and your user groups if you have any feedback you think is useful. Many of the new features are customer driven, and represent answers to issues or requests made by customers. Nobody knows better what should be put in there than the customers. Your feedback can really influence some future features and contribute to the continuous improvement of IDS.

By the way, IIUG has put up an open survey where you can vote on favorite topics for it's 2008 Conference. Whether or not you're planning to be there, your feedback is interesting.

Now, stop browsing and start downloading :)