Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Why did I create this?

Why did I create this?

Well, there are several reasons... None of them is good enough alone, but here they are:

  1. The only blog I've found about Informix seems empty
  2. I've been involved with Informix technology for several years and I think the Informix community although enthusiastic is a bit invisible
  3. I have some subjects about which I'd like to write a bit...
  4. ...
So, I hope to be able to create some interesting content here. I will obviously avoid repeating content that you can find in several resources like tech articles, DeveloperWorks etc.


Dave Edwards said...

Congratulations on starting this.

I follow a lot of blogs for Log Buffer, and I think you're right about Informix being practically invisible.

Generally, the Oracle and MySQL communities are the chattiest, best-interconnected among the DB technologies. The rest could learn from them.

I hope to see more interesting Informix stuff here.

Dave Edwards.
Log Buffer

Chucho said...


I'll blog you.