Wednesday, October 25, 2006


IIUG - International Informix Users Group has made available a version of IDS - Informix Dynamic Server version 10.00xC5.

This version is limited to 5 concurrent sessions, has no "timebomb" and has some legal limitations. It's mainly for educational purposes and can't be used in production environments.

To have access to the download area one has to become an IIUG member. This is free, easy, and you'll have access to some other resources.
If you need to study or want to find out more about IDS, then you shouldn't miss this opportunity.
You're just about 130MB away before you can install, test and learn anything you want about IDS. This is the newest version available and you can download it for several OS (AIX, Solaris and HPUX in 64 bit versions, Linux [x86] and Windows in 32 bit versions)

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