Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cheetah 2: The cat is out for it's second open beta...

As the title suggests, IBM has just made available the IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) 11.50 (codenamed Cheetah 2) for anyone wanting to test it. It's the second open beta of an IDS version (the first happened last year with 11.10 - Cheetah).

The process is a little bit more complex than the previous beta. This time you have to send and email requesting access. The system will provide you with an access code and you'll receive a copy of Carlton Doe's book on IDS 11.

Again IBM proves it's commitment to Informix technology and to it's customers, by providing a new release available in about 1 year.

This beta program includes a non-disclosure agreement and we cannot talk about it... But I'm sure as soon as the new features are announced we'll see a lot of articles about them, and I plan to cover some of them here in detail. For now, please check the release notes :)

So, in order to get hold of your copy, just go to and click on IDS 11.50 beta. As I mentioned above, the process will take longer than last time, but you'll receive your copy of Carlton's book.

Once again R&D has made a wonderful job in providing excellent new features. I'm curious to know for how long the competition will play the 'FUD' song to customers...

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