Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Demos? Yes... we have them

There have been a lot of discussions on public newsgroups about the lack of nice and flashy IBM Informix demos. The truth is, IBM has them, but as so many other stuff it may be hard to find in the IBM website. So I decided to ease up your searches. Please follow this steps:

  1. Access IBM TV
  2. On the right side, there is a list of a lot of media titles. Scroll down until you find several Informix titles which include:

    - Mr. Ambuj Goyal (current IBM Information Management General Manager) message about IDS 11
    - A funny video explaining why you don't see much of Informix
    - A flash demo of IDS 11 (overview)
    - A flash demo of IDS 11 security features
I think there is also another flash demo about IDS high availability. I've seen it in some meetings, but apparently it didn't reach the IBM TV website, which by the way is a terrific source of information not only for IBM products but also for current IT trends.
I have the feeling that most Informix DBAs aren't too much into flash demos, but they're nice to show to customers and prospects. So, here they are... take advantage of them as you like.