Wednesday, October 08, 2008

IIUG 2008 survey: again, time to speak up!

International Informix Users Group ( IIUG ) has put up another user survey where you can classify several proposed IDS new features. You can also name other features not specified in the survey.
Please note, that the fact that the presented features are available for voting doesn't necessarily mean they're being implemented. But your feedback is very important and IIUG will take it to R&D.
Many of the most voted features of last survey were in fact implemented in IDS 11.10 and IDS 11.50. So now it's time to make your voice be heard, and request that those annoying things be fixed. Some of my favorites that are not in the survey are:

  • Limit locks per session
    This is really an annoyance... Give the DBA more control please!
  • Clarification on support for Encryption Expert (IBM and Vormetric)
  • Compression
  • Configurable system page size
    This could be a step for the next one
  • Portable dbspaces (at least for same-indian and same page size system)
  • HDR between heterogeneous systems (same as previous)
  • Fine grained auditing
    Some control per object. Probably a big change and probably big performance impact... Maybe a switch per user/mask to keep the lighter current implementation...
  • End of user in OS limitation (default user for procedures/query plan?)
  • Storage provisioning
  • Some DW features available on XPS (bitmap indexes, star index...?)
Well, looking at the list again, I'd say that "asking is easy!..."
You can find the survey here:
Don't miss the opportunity to influence IDS future!

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