Monday, February 02, 2009

Informix academic initiative...

I've just received the IIUG Insider and one of the subjects that caught my attention was the news about Informix on Campus Academic Initiative.

A few people related to IIUG and some IBM staff are working together to bring Informix into the Academic community. Many people believe a software product needs to gain traction in the Academic world. The basic idea is that we all tend to work with what we know. And the Academic environment is an excellent place to learn about products.
IBM has programs for showing it's products to the Academic community but Informix has not taken advantage of this yet.

These people is working to change this. To start with, they put up a public and free (no registration needed) survey. If you're interested in this topic, please take five minutes to answer it (it really won't take more than this). You can give your opinion, suggest institutions to participate (if you have their contacts), and you can even volunteer yourself to help!

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