Monday, March 31, 2014

New site for French speaking users

This article is written only in English (original version here)

Just a quick note to echo the creation of another Informix related site. This time is for all French speaking users. The site URL is and the author is a well known member of the Informix community, Jean Georges Perrin who among many other things worked for Four J's (makers or Dynamic 4GL and Genero) and have been working in the IUUG's board of directors.

The site contains a forum (acutally two, one for technical questions and another for other discussions) and as far as my very limited French allows me to understand, it will count on some very experienced Informix people from France, like Eric Vercelletto, Laurent Revel and Olivier Bourdin (L3 Informix support).

If you speak/read French keep an eye on it, as I'm sure the people involved are able to guarantee high standards in the discussions and for sure interesting topics.
For better understanding the importance this can have, I remind you that there are many millions of French speaking people in places like France (who would say?!), Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Africa, Southeast Asia, some Pacific Islands and Canada. And of course there are many more places with people who can understand and express themselves in French (not my case). So the potential reach of this is huge!
France is also one of the places in Europe with L2 and L3 Informix support units. So there is a lot of Informix knowledge and talent there.

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