Saturday, October 24, 2009

Links revision...

Some links were changed and specially several Informix related blogs were added. It's really nice to see new Informix related sites and authors publishing info. In particular I'm very glad to add several Brazilian sites. This is really important for the Portuguese speaking audience. The links added are:

  • Advanced DataTools
    This was a big miss. Lester Knutsen is probably the most noticeable element of this IBM Partner who just recently organized another edition of the Fastest Informix DBA contest
  • IMartins Tudo Sobre Informix
    A Brazilian site with articles and information related to IBM Informix
  • AskPontes
    A blog from my Brazilian colleague Vagner Pontes
  • InformixBr
    Another blog from another Brazilian colleague Pedro HT Rodrigues
  • Informix DBA
    A blog from the well known Andrew Ford, a member of the International Informix Users Group board of directors
  • Informix Tips
    A blog from Jeff Filippi from Integrated Data Consulting
  • Informix Administrators Blog
    A blog from Markus Holzbauer, a German colleague and a long time Informix user (started on v4... same as me)
So, as you can see I've been away from a lot of new activity. I hope I've recovered the gap. If you have any info about any Informix related site that I should list, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or send me an email.


Luis Romero said...


My apologizes for contacting through your blog, but we are having lots of problems with usual IBM – Informix channels.

We’re a public university from Spain, willing to develop .Net applications using Entity Framework Data Access Layer for Informix, that is (supposed) supported on IBM Data Server Provider for .Net. We have tried 9.5 and 9.7 versions, with no success.

It's impossible to find a clear statement from IBM about EF support on Informix, supported configurations, etc.

Can you help me with this?



Fernando Nunes said...

Hello Luis,

First let me apologize for the delay in my answer. I'm not an expert in .NET or Visual Studio. The best I can do in short term is pointing you to a link where this is presented:

If this is not enough, or if you're facing some specific error, please contact me directly (my email is visible in the "about me" area of the blog) and give me your email address. Hopefully I can direct you to someone in Spain that can help you.