Sunday, April 25, 2010

The day I managed to get time...

Well... I'm currently in Kansas City, at the place where the 2010 IIUG conference will happen (in fact it already started). I'll have the pleasure of presenting one of the sessions, and while preparing it I was writing a brief introduction of myself... bla, bla, bla.... author of a blog... Then I wonder when was the last time I wrote something here and I felt bad... Around 6 months! And in this time a new fixpack was released (FC6) so there is plenty to write about... It's a fact I've been very busy professionally, but I guess having a 1 year child really takes away a lot of what used to be free time (and I'm not complaining of course!).

I realized that this is the first really "free" day I have in a lot of time. The conference started with the pre-conference tutorials and since I didn't register for them I have some free time. The fun already started. I had the chance to finally meet some people (Gary Ben-Israel, Stuart Litel, Miguel Carbone ...) and at breakfast there I met some Informix users and we exchanged some useful experiences...

My presentation will be about using EXPLAIN_SQL with any tool. EXPLAIN_SQL was introduced in v11.50 and allows us to get an XML representation of the query plans. In the new features of IDS 11.50 documents and presentations this was called Visual Explain, since it can be used by tools to show a graphical representation of the query plan (like IBM Optim Data Studio does). But not many tools have implemented it, so my point is to prove and show that it can be used with any tool (even character based).

Hopefully some of the readers are here and maybe attending this session (although it's very hard to choose from the session list. Ideally you'd want to be in two or three sessions at the same time).

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